Monster Bunny Studios is proud to announce that they have been selected as a recipient of an Epic MegaGrant. The MegaGrant will support Monster Bunny Studios in its upcoming FPS game - Hind Warfare, and the ongoing mission to create immersive gaming experiences and foster a vibrant gaming community in India.

Created by Epic Games, Epic MegaGrants is a program designed to accelerate the work of talented individuals and organizations utilizing Unreal Engine to create innovative projects.

"We are thrilled and honored to receive an Epic MegaGrant," said Rahul Mahipal, CEO of Monster Bunny Studios. "The support from the MegaGrant will significantly boost our capabilities and allow us to enhance the AAA gaming experience in India further. Additionally, we can create more engaging and immersive games that resonate with players from all walks of life."

MegaGrant will serve as a catalyst for Monster Bunny Studios' game development initiatives. The financial assistance and resources provided through the MegaGrant will enable the studio to expedite the production of their upcoming projects and achieve their milestones in a timely manner.

In addition to aiding their game development efforts, Monster Bunny Studios is committed to strengthening the gaming community in India. With the help of the MegaGrant, the studio will launch initiatives to bring gamers together, foster collaboration, and create opportunities for aspiring game developers. By organizing workshops, events, and online communities, Monster Bunny Studios aims to empower Indian gamers and encourage innovation within the gaming industry.

"By leveraging the Epic MegaGrant, we will be able to stand up new grassroots initiatives that will unite gamers and creators from diverse backgrounds, forging a strong gaming community in India," stated Girish Jain, Creative Director of Monster Bunny Studios. "We believe that through collaboration and shared experiences, we can create a lasting impact and contribute to the growth of the Indian gaming ecosystem."

Monster Bunny Studios is already well-known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and captivating storytelling. With the additional support as MegaGrants recipients, they are poised to elevate their game development capabilities and deliver unforgettable experiences to players across India and beyond.